Co-branded Custom Application

MedItRight offers a premium solution for pharmacies featuring a co-branded version of the MedItRight app, shared customer data, and revenue share opportunities with sponsored drug manufacturers.  The premium solution enables the pharmacy to leverage MedItRIght's state-of-the-art technology and medication cross-reference database with a tech-savvy solution that is appealing to the younger pharmacy customer demographic.

Customer Conversion & Loyalty 

MedItRight's integrated tracking functionality monitors and records all searches, recommendations and selections made by users, providing an extremely valuable in-store market research tool.  The pharmacy will have access to daily metrics that can help drive increased conversion rates, more effective merchandising, and superior visibility to what specific products shoppers are interacting with and which ones they are purchasing. Customers who have downloaded the MedItRight app will have the opportunity to receive special offers and coupons via the pharmacy for seasonal medications to drive repeat business for customers with known and specific seasonal symptoms, in addition to the promotional opportunities during high-traffic times of the year such as cold and flu season. 
Win - Win - Win

The value proposition for pharmacies is extensive as the MedItRight solution ultimately is a win for the customer as it helps them find a solution, quickly and without the concern that they are making the wrong choice.  Secondly, the drug manufacturers participating the premium branding program, receive tremendous value when a customer is recommended their product while at the point of sale making a purchasing decision.  This powerful positioning for drug manufacturers  provides almost unparalleled opportunity to build brand awareness and convert new customers.  And finally, pharmacies with their own lines of generic products can feature their branded medications in the premium recommendations category for each related symptom to significantly increase the sell-through of store branded products.


Advanced, patent-pending decision-making algorithms enable MedItRight users to easily and rapidly make the smart choice of over-the-counter medications that best fit their symptoms.  MedItRight offers a flexible, scalable solution to meet the needs of pharmacies and grocery stores with one location, to thousands of locations.

Innovation in Medicine for Retail


State-of-the-Art Mobile Technology

The MedItRight user experience is simple, yet powerful in that it quickly and easily guides the user through a decision-tree based upon their symptoms and preferences that uniquely recommends a product or products to meet their specific needs. Because the application was created by Physicians out of the specific desire to address and solve an everyday problem with their patients, it was built from the ground-up from a customer mindset, making it intuitive and powerful. 

A Pharmacist on every aisle

Shoppers are made aware of the MedItRight app while they are actively searching for medications via small point-of-sale signage at the aisle level.  The P.O.S. sign is helpful and powerful in its messaging, notifying the shopper that they can eliminate the confusion of picking the right medication by simply downloading the MedItRight app directly from their device's app store, or by scanning the bar coded sign to link to the MedItRight download link.  The MedItRight app puts "a Pharmacist on every aisle", while not impacting the productivity or workflow of behind the counter pharmacists.   
Simply Genius

When technology is so advanced that it simplifies the lives of its users, it is defined as revolutionary. MedItRight's innovative smart-choice algorithms takes the confusion out of the equation for customers trying to find the best medication to meet their needs.  MedItRight's patent-pending machine-driven recommendation engine cross references thousands of OTC medications with numerous symptoms and medication preferences totaling tens of thousands of unique medication recommendations.  Additionally, MedItRight staff utilize a myriad of resources, from the FDA, to in-store product distribution databases to continuously maintain the latest up-to-date cross reference database of OTC medications.